Players, Architects and Engineers rely on only one thing when it comes to Advanced Green Turfs or Synthetic Turf Installation, it is Turf of America’s services. Be it an interior turf layout, or an outdoor green turf, our advanced engineering ensures that everyone gets the real ‘Field Playing’ experience. We provide curated services coupled with an unparalleled after-sales support for maintenance and queries. Our services include.

Outdoor Sports Field Turf Installation

Turf of America is a Design Build company from the Ground up Our in house turf field team is fully staffed with 35 years of turf field installations. In 35 years, we have built over 1000 fields from Little League baseball fields to FIFA Approved Soccer stadium fields.

Artificial Turf for Indoor Sports

What Makes Artificial Turf Installation Perfect For Indoor Games? The fame of artificial grass installation or artificial turf for indoor sports/outdoor sports might have made it to residential spaces in recent years, but still, it continues to maintain its great reputation in the athletic world.

Why Choose Turf Of America?

Threee Advantages of Getting Your Artificial Grass Professionally Installed By Turf Of America In the past few years, artificial turf field construction have become very popular all across the USA and the credits for this goes to the immense benefits artificial grass installation offers.

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Technical Package

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