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Are you looking into building a tennis court? Private residences, resorts, homeowners associations, parks, schools etc. Tennis court construction starts with choosing a qualified and licensed professional contractor in your area. Finding a local contractor will be more beneficial to you because they already know your area (and, support local). 

A Straight Forward Approach To Tennis Court Design

Tennis court installation will need a blueprint so you have all of the initial steps for building a safe and enjoyable court. Finding a local contractor is beneficial in helping to scan the city/county/homeowner association (HOA) requirements, permitting, and zoning codes so you are abiding guidelines and ready to go!

Tennis Courts can vary in size but a standard size court is 60’ wide x 120’ long and is usually oriented North to South to avoid the rising and setting of the sun in your eyes while you play. Size, surfacing, fencing, design, equipment and lighting are all important elements in constructing your tennis court installation. 

Variety Of Surface Finishes To Suit Your Needs

Tennis court surfaces are designed as a water-based paint that adheres to asphalt or concrete substrates. They are put together with silica sands and fibers to provide filling and strength under aggressive play.  Tennis court surfacing systems also have to be durable under wet conditions and still maintain a powerful bond to the pavement.

Most tennis courts in Florida are constructed of a lime rock base material and a finish of asphalt for the playing surface. Because we are not susceptible to freezing conditions the thickness of the asphalt does not exceed 1 ½” and is the preferred surface. Concrete is another option but asphalt is more economical and has water resistant properties that concrete doesn’t have.

There are many types of surfacing to choose from when installing your tennis court. Choosing the right contractor will help you to narrow down the best options based on your region, budget, and design. Some types of surfacing are: acrylic, rubberized cushion, polyurethane gel, roll out cushion, clay and more! Once your surface is chosen you will decide on a color to personalize your court. 

Nets, fencing, equipment, benches, awnings and accessories will add the personalized touches to finishing your tennis court. 

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